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Agricultural History Society Publishes New Book(2018-10-23)

The Agricultural History Society announces the publication of USING DIVERSE PRIMARY RESOURCES TO RESEARCH U.S. HISTORY, a collection of essays intended to guide undergraduate and graduate students through the process of identifying new and unique primary sources. Editors Claire Strom and Annabel Tudor brought together a number of articles from the pages of Agricultural History to demonstrate how students may draw on vastly different kinds of historical sources in their work, from material culture of artifacts to statues and cookbooks. Other essays explain how students might glean new perspectives from more traditional print sources by looking beyond what is simply written on the page to tease out historical relationships not immediately revealed through reading. The collection as a whole encourages students to think broadly about primary sources and shows the creative reading can expose new perspectives on agricultural, and, more broadly, U.S. history.

Using Diverse Primary Resources to Research U.S. History: Essays from the Agricultural History Society is available today in paperback and Kindle versions on for $19.99.

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