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History of Science at 2018 AHA(2017-01-24)

The History of Science Society encourages individuals to collaborate and propose sessions on themes in the history of science for the 2018 AHA conference on a new wiki page. (

The 2018 AHA will take place in Washington DC, January 4-7. The theme is Race, Ethnicity, and Nationalism in Global perspective. (

Since AHA only accepts full proposals, the HSS has set up this Wiki so that members across different affiliate societies, with similar research interests, can find each other. Session organizers may seek the endorsement of affiliate societies (up to 5), and the HSS encourages organizers to seek multiple endorsements (endorsement does not guarantee a spot on the program). Organizers who would like their session to be considered by HSS, should send their proposals to by February 6.

Additionally, the HSS will be meeting in Toronto in Nov 2017, and welcomes proposals that deal with science, medicine, the environment, computing, technology and other facets of science. Please check HSS website ( for updates.

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