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Post doctor in Agrarian History: The Swedish "Green Revolution"(2016-11-03)

Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Department of Urban and Rural Development

The subject area Agrarian History covers the development from earliest time to the present. Emphasis is on agricultural production, technological development, social and economic conditions, people in agrarian societies and their relation to nature, landscape and society at large. Agrarian History is a cross disciplinary subject with researchers and PhD students from different backgrounds such as economic history, history, human geography, and various agrarian fields. The post doctor we are looking for shall conduct research with focus on resource use and methods in Swedish arable and/or animal farming in the 20th century. The early decades of the century saw horse-driven arable farming with crop rotation and farm animals at each holding, then succeeded by what can be called ‘the Swedish green revolution’, based on huge quantities of purchased inputs and high outputs. This was later on accompanied by so called organic farming. The research field offers many exciting research questions and can be explored from various perspectives, depending on your scientific background and interests. The person we are looking for shall have a scientific curiosity and be open to rapidly develop the competences that are needed to be able to explore and analyse Swedish arable and/or animal farming in the discipline of agrarian history.

Duties: The post doctor shall focus on research within the outlined field of research. This includes articles for international publication, active participation at conferences and workshops, and collaboration in Sweden and abroad. You will also have the possibility to do some teaching.

Qualifications: The applicant shall have a doctoral degree in humanities, natural science or social science. Good communication skills in spoken and written English and Swedish. French or Spanish are merits because of good opportunities to link the research to a broad international project and network. You have to be systematic and accurate, in combination with a curious and critical approach, be good in cooperation and at the same time able to work independently. As postdoctoral appointments are career-developing positions for junior researchers, we are primarily looking for candidates with a doctoral degree that is three years old at the most..

Place of work: Uppsala

Extent: 100%

Starting date: By agreement, at the latest April 30, 2017

Application: We welcome your application marked with Ref no. SLU ua 3848/2016.

Please submit your application to the Registrar of SLU, P.O. Box 7070, SE-750 07 Uppsala, Sweden or no later than November 29, 2016.
Specific documents attached: CV; copy of PhD certificate; list of publications with link to your PhD thesis, if available; copies of max. 5 publications; name, phone number and email address to at least two referees. Short description in English (1-2 pages) about your research interests, experiences and skills of relevance for the position, and why you are interested in the position

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