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Call for Papers for ESSHC 2016 Session: The Impact of Wars: Political Mindsets on Food and Agriculture (2015-05-06)

Rural History Network at European Social Science History Conference
30 March - 2 April 2016

Session: The Impact of Wars: Political Mindsets on Food and Agriculture

Wars have many consequences, not in the least on countries’ food supply and their agricultural policies, for example due to import cut-offs, land destruction or food shortages.

The session aims at laying bare in what respects wars, nearby or further away, influenced societal and political ideas about farmers and farming, food supply and consumption during the 19th and 20th centuries, in Europe and beyond (for instance the Crimean War, Balkan Wars, two world wars, Korean War etc.). For this session we are thus looking for papers that focus on the consequences of wars on discourses with regard to agriculture and food.

(How) did governments adjust their postwar agricultural and food policies to war experiences (f.e. state intervention in cultivation, supply/stock formation, protection, international cooperation…)? Which actors (state agents, political parties, merchants, food industry, farmer’s organizations, consumers….) and which terms, concepts and arguments played a role in the (re)shaping of postwar agricultural and food policies? To conclude we want to (re)open and broaden the debate about the notion of “war as a turning point” from both an agricultural and food perspective.

Organizers: Leen Van Molle (KU Leuven), Yves Segers (KU Leuven, ICAG), Sara Mispoulier (KU Leuven), Laura Eskens (KU Leuven)

Interested to propose a paper? Send an abstract (100-500 words) of your paper to Laura Eskens (

Deadline for submission: 14 May 2015

( Please note: This CFP is NOT an official submission to the ESSHC. ESSHC first requires submitters to put together a session.The lead submitter will send in the session proposal for potential approval for the conference.)

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