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Panel Announcement for Northern Great Plains History Conference(2013-08-26)

The Current State of Midwestern History as a Field of Study:A Panel Discussion
Northern Great Plains History Conference
September 26-28, 2013, Hudson, Wisconsin
Panel Chair: Kim M. Gruenwald, Kent State University
Michael C. Steiner, Cal State-Fullerton, “Turner and the Legacy of Midwestern Regional Studies”
Jon K. Lauck, “The Decline of Midwestern History”
Zachary Michael Jack, North Central College, “Community-Supported Biblioculture: Resurrecting Regional Histories and Their Heroes”
Genevieve G. McBride, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, “The State of Teaching Midwestern History: Midwestern Prehistory and Pre-American History Matters, Too”
James. P. Leary, University of Wisconsin-Madison, “The Midwestern Mingling of Grassroots History and Folklore Studies”
Discussion: Panelists and audience

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